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The Further Poultry Processors Association of Canada (FPPAC) was created in 1985.  FPPAC represents more than 40 members whose enterprises generate more than $1.4 billion in retail sales and employ more than 4,200 Canadian workers.  Their products include items such as breaded chicken, nuggets, cutlets, and pot pies.

FPPAC’s membership is made up of 35 further processors and 12 associate/supplier members.  The majority of FPPAC’s membership is from Ontario, where one-half of the Canadian poultry processing capacity is located.

FPPAC’s mission is to create a competitive industry that allows all participants to work together in a profitable environment to supply a growing number of provincial, interprovincial and international customers with all the poultry products they demand.


  • Promote, foster, develop and represent the interests of those engaged in the further processing of chicken, turkey, fowl and other poultry products and ensure the adoption of decisions, policies, programs, laws and regulations consistent with a competitive and efficient further processing poultry sector.
  • Effectively communicate to industry stakeholders and to all levels of government the further processing industry positions on issues affecting the further processing industry.
  • To increase the understanding of the poultry further processing industry.
  • To work for and promote the efficiency and competitiveness of both the production of the raw material supply and the manufacturing and distribution of further processed poultry products.
  • Provide information, coordination, services and training to members of the Association and a forum for discussion and resolution of industry issues and concerns.
  • Cooperate with other trade associations with common interests on technical issues that impact on the further processing industry.
  • Ensure provisions of the Competition Act are taken into account in all Association’s deliberations.
  • Promote the growth of the further poultry processing industry both domestically and through export market development.
  • Assist and facilitate research to develop new further processed products and expand consumption.